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Min låttext...
2007-03-18 15:11:43

Den e skitdålig! men iaf...ska fixa musik till...sen kanske ni får höra den^^

 When's it gonna end?
Shadows dancing on the wall
Feeling like she's gonna fall
She never knew what life's about
She only hears her mother shout even louder than before
Daddy's beating her again
Every day is just the same
When's it gonna end?
The pain is killing her 
The sorrow is to much
She can't carry on...no more
Nothing in her world's alright
Every day's another fight
She's breaking down
He takes a drink and fifteen more
Calls his wife a dirty whore
Hitting making mommy sad
Everytime he's temper's bad
Every night he rapes her slow
She's cryin' always saying no.
Nothing's gonna change...
When's it gonna end?
She is always so ashamed
Nothing's right and she's to blame
She's been lying every day
Her daddy told her not to say
No one ever knew
What she went through
And her friends don't understand
Those nasty scars upon her hand
Nothing's gonna change
When's it gonna end?
Her mommy finds her in the tub
Colored red by all the blood
Kneeling down screaming
Go to sleep dreaming
Waking up another day
Who's just the same
Just the same old game
Nowhere to run
Takes her husbends gun & pulls the trigger
Everything has changed
It's come to an end.


Kopiera den inte e ni snälla....

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Tjabba! :D
2007-03-07 15:03:35

Ännu en ny sida! :D fan va sköjj! :D
Skriv va fan! :D då blir jag glad! ^^

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