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lonewind, P27, Uppsala

Musikstil: Pop Personlighet: Vis
Intressen : Musik Boende: Centralt
Kropp: nja Klädstil : Rätt
Civilstånd : Sambo Sysselsättning: Jobbar

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These Memories
Snittröst: 2,5 2007-10-02 00:31:14

Brother (preview)
Snittröst: 3,3 2007-03-26 20:25:55

I Want To Go Home
Snittröst: 3,5 2007-03-26 20:23:30


Chris Michols has just finished his first solo EP. He started producing music on his own hand last summer after having quit trying to make it with rock bands. He has always written very much music but many songs were just not possible to perform in the genre the band played. He self says that he felt a little tied up creatively. So when his latest band ransack into sand he started buying studio stuff so that he could start making music all on his own. Since then he has parallel with song writing, learned to arrange, produce and mix full arranged songs. Chris has always dreamed of releasing a record all by himself. One of the big advantages with making music like this is that you’re not bound to a genre, Chris says.

Since the today’s music industry is harsh Chris decided to release his record on his own. Chris decided the easiest way of putting out his EP was by making it a web record. He means he much rather touch people than ask for their money hence he decided to give it away for free. From now on you can download the EP from chrismichols.com. A physical version of the EP will also be distributed but in a smaller scale.

Chris’s musical background initialises with the band Warpath together with the now so tragic passed on vocalist of Crash Diet, Dave Lepard. Chris tells that Dave was the first to teach him to play the guitar.
Later on Chris joined the post grunge band Dislife who played together for seven years. One of the songs Chris wrote for Dislife ended up the sixth Halloween episode of the world wide know TV show Dawson’s Creek.